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About Us

Blue Collar Trades Club is an NFT club spanning multiple NFT collections across multiple chains. We will provide easy access to the NFT world. Unlike many other collections we will have our own trait marketplace! Our NFTs will be fully customizable!

The NFT Project for the Rest of Us
Be a part of the Community:

First, you mint the membership pass. These come in the form of an NFT (like the little guys on this page). You can buy, sell, or loan your NFT to anyone you want. This unique coded image is your passkey into the most exclusive tradesperson club in the world. Your NFT may increase in value as people want to join BCTC.

Building More Than a Brand:

For the Blue-Collar professional, we're the ideal platform. We'll be adding more features and utilities to our club as time goes on. Regular updates to the club will make it more than just a trait trading platform. Buying metaverse properties and building our own...We have higher aims!

The Field Office:

The Field Office will be our suite of utilities hosted on a DApp developed by Blue Collar Trades Club. We are close to launching our own trait marketplace! 

Traits will be continually released for all collections.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to help you grow as a tradesperson through a suite of utilities, networking, social media, and job boards only for Blue-Collar Professionals. 

Over the next year, we will build out the platform. Everyone who participates in the ALPHA will have lifelong access to the platform. This comes through purchase of our ALPHA NFT. Details below.

We have big goals in Web3. We want to push the boundaries of the new technology. We will be purchasing metaverse properties from various blue-chip projects. These will be used by the community as they see fit.

When is Mint?

Mint is TBA! 

Follow our Twitter for Announcements!


Generation I 

Mini_Mike's are coming soon!



Mini_Mikes are our miniature Degens workin' hard on the ETH blockchain! Mini_Mike is a project manager at Blue Collar Trades Club. From his desk in "The Field Office" Mini_Mike is planning out rapid construction on multiple blockchains! 

Mini_Mike's will be priced at 0.08 ETH with a supply of 10,000.

map city full preview-min.png

The Roadmap

Our plan from now onwards!


Begin development of Blue Collar Trades Club. 

Form an LLC

Develop brand image, website, social media

Develop a strong community

Solidify the BCTC whitepaper and roadmap



Launch Mini_Mike’s project

Begin development of Dapp and utility suite

Begin development of merchandise storefront



Begin member voting utilities

Begin development utilities

Launch merch storefront

Social networking platforms


Finish a working version of The Field Office

Launch basic utility suite

Professional giveaway/sweepstakes platforms

Create social platform inside The Field Office


Acquire Professional Partnerships

Continue R&D on The Field Office

Release first Field Office update


Launch Generation II price TBD

Release Update two to The Field Office

Pursue Professional Brand Partnerships

Begin development of a supply chain


Manufacture our own goods using our own supply chain

Begin sale of heavily discounted goods to members

Release Update three to The Field Office

Launch Generation II Phase II


To be determined...... Generation III?

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